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Biographical Notes:

Photograph of Denise Garner

"My mother says that she could always tell when I was getting tired, out came the paper and pencils! Many a night was spent sitting at the kitchen counter filling notebook paper (sometimes even the non-waxy side of freezer paper, my favorite) with the people and animals that I had met earlier that day in my much loved Collier's 'Young Folks' books. Mom still has that set of ten 'old friends' that were my first introduction to the world of myth and the art that accompanies it. I was captivated by the intricate woodcuts and copper engravings which seemed like so much magic to me, a strand of pearls woven into a lock of hair, a piece of magnificent cloth; all rendered with simple black lines. It was as if the artists who made them had fairy power themselves. I wanted to make magic too.

Later on, I began to explore more of the art world. There were periods of formal instruction, but this was lacking sorely the 'magic' I wanted to make. The ghosts of my fairy tale woodcut artists were still with me, and new voices had begun to whisper in my ears, Alphonse Mucha, The Pre-Raphaelites, William Russell Flint, John William Waterhouse, and a host of others, such as Alan Lee and Brian Froud. I eschewed formal training and started to make my own magic, finding a niche in the fantasy and science fiction art community, wherein I have continued to explore narrative painting and imaginative realism. In 1989 I attended my first convention and met people who have remained my dear friends and fellow 'magicians', who have done more than they'll ever know to keep me on track when my spells don't quite turn out right; Beth Hansen and John Garner, my husband."

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